最終章 結論ーアジマリカンは聞こえる神 [Final Chapter Conclusion – Ajimarikan is Kami that can be heard]

◆アジマリカンの正体とは [What is the true identity of Ajimarikan?]

 In this paper, I wanted to convey the fact that “the word “Ajimarikan” has been retained in Japan” and the message that “‘Ajimarikan’ is a methodology by which humans and nations become kamis (= gods)”.

(1) There is a “Kotoba (= word) to become a kami” called “Ajimarikan” in Japan.
(2) There is a case (= of me) “becoming a kami by praying ‘Ajimarikan'”.
(3) There must be someone other than me who became a kami with “Ajimarikan”.

 As of 2021, all we have to do is to assert the above three points. I recognize both (1) and (2) as facts, but I have little way to tell others correctly.
 When the reader of this paper chants “Ajimarikan” by himself can open the way to the direct recognition of God by chanting “Ajimarikan” by himself.

 In (2) above, I take myself as an example of “becoming a kami in Ajimarikan”, but of course, it is a story that I feel that way within myself. In reality, I imagine that many people other than me have already become kamis. “A person becomes a kami” is a phenomenon in which the kami in that person = Naohi (= a direct spirit) appears. Dr. Teikichi Sato, who left behind “What kind of country is Japan?”, as far as reading the book, is thought that it is a good example of becoming a kami.

 No one exists who does not have Naohi (= a direct spirit). If you chant “Ajimarikan”, your Naohi will come out, and as a result, “awareness that you are a kami” will come out. At that time, I feel that “Ajimarikan” is completely within me. In other words, I cannot distinguish myself from Ajimarikan. Such a very mysterious “switching from person to kami” experience occurs. It’s about time that such a person may appear steadily. If you read this article and think that you have become a kami, please raise your voice. Or next, it is your turn to become a kami next with “Ajimarikan”.

 The conclusion of this paper is that “Ajimarikan is an audible kami”. Kotoba (= a word) which made it possible to hear the invisible kami. That is “Ajimarikan”. In the near future, the vortex treasure, Ajimarikan, will create a great whirlwind in the world (planned).

◆未解決項目←要検討 [Unresolved items <- to be discussed]

 In this paper, we have examined the word “Ajimarikan”. Finally, I would like to summarize what I have determined to be unresolved or need consideration for the future.

①アジマリカン=コトタマ=直霊=内なる神 [(1) Ajimarikan = Kototama = Naohi = Inner kami]

 I often ask myself if I can really become a kami by the self-reliant act of chanting the great Kami’s spell Ajimarikan. At first glance, the act is self-reliant, but it seems that the spirit of Kami (= the direct spirit) jumps in from the outside.

 I hope that this question will be resolved someday, but the current perception seems to be that the equation “Ajimarikan = Kototama = Naohi = Inner kami” holds. Further research will be needed.

②超能力や超人的修行は本当に必要か [(2) Is supernatural power or superhuman training really necessary? ]

 直霊という神の分霊について深く知りたいと考えて、『川面凡兒―日本人の霊性に多大な影響を与えた神人』(氷川雅彦、光祥社Kindle 版、2014年)を参照した。読むと「川面凡児という人はすごい人だった」ということは分かるのだが、全く感銘を受けることはなかった。
 I wanted to know more about Naohi which is the divided spirit of the Kami, Bonji Kawazura – A kami-person who had a great influence on the spirituality of the Japanese (Masahiko Hikawa, Kindle Edition, 2014). I can understand that “Bonji Kawazura was a great person”, but the book wasn’t impressed at all.

 The reason is clear. I was not convinced by the attitude of the author, Mr. Hikawa, “It is enough to introduce the achievements of great men”. It can be asserted that it is meaningless to introduce the stories of past transcendental Shinto practitioners. The reason why it is meaningless is that it is clear that “neither I nor you can be Bonji Kawazura”. No matter how much such a person with a drum introduces the achievements of a person who is said to be a great man, ordinary people cannot imitate him at all. What is it like to develop the story of an extraordinary superhuman person like Bonji Kawazura? (I had an urge to get angry.) We can’t eat the rice cake drown in the picture!

 For exactly the same reasons as in the example above, the achievements of the following persons can be acknowledged, but the path they have left cannot be evaluated. It is impossible and unwilling to imitate that person’s way of life. Everyone is praised as a peerless, but I don’t like them.

1.Jesus Christ (preached the unnatural teaching of “I am only Son of God”)
2.Rev. Onisaburo Deguchi (preached the uncertain teaching of “The Story of the Spiritual World”)
3.Rev. Masahisa Goi (Speaking “Call my name” and made believers dependent on himself)

 However, anyone can chant Ajimarikan. This is because chanting Ajimarikan is extremely easy, and anyone can do it. The above three persons may be saints, but they are not helpful to ordinary people. In that sense, extraordinary is a great mistake. A person who is a religious leader must not be a superhuman being who cannot be imitated even if he is wanted to be imitated. No matter how much you praise the great people, the world will not be improved. Such meaningless things should be stopped henceforward.

 The achievements left by extraordinary human beings are useless to ordinary human beings. Even if they were extraordinary people, they should not choose such a way of life. They are all superhuman, but fundamentally wrong. For them, the younger generation cannot go beyond their gurus.
 This is a criticism from one “Ajimarikan ascetic” named Saito. I sincerely hope to spread the way of Ajimarikan that even ordinary people can do it immediately.

③渦の御宝「アジマリカン」は大神の最終兵器か [(3) Is the vortex treasure “Ajimarikan” the ultimate weapon of the Great Kami? ]

 Last in this paper, is “Ajimarikan” a sacred treasure for the remodeling of the world of the Great Kami? If so, I am wondering how the world will be remodeled by this sacred treasure. Saito has no magical power, so even if I want to talk about what kind of future map will develop, I cannot envision that future map. Therefore, I have no choice but to twist my head.

 拙著『日本建国の秘密 ヤコブ編』では、私が旧約聖書時代のヤコブだったという話が出てくるが、ヤコブが描いていた未来図についてだったら少し話せそうだ。
 In my book, “The Secret of the Founding of Japan, Jacob Edition”, there is a story that I was Jacob in the Old Testament era, but I think I can talk a little about the future map that Jacob had drawn.

「第三章 アジマリカンの歴史的属性」において、ヤコブが天使(実は異星人)と夜中に相撲を取ったことを書いた。旧約聖書時代のヤコブ=日本建国時のアメノヒボコ=現在の私であるから、話がややこしくなる。そういう輪廻転生譚は斎藤の中の事実かも知れないが、大嘘かも知れないからだ。だが、イスラエルの風が吹いてきたという私のイスラエル体験とは、私の霊的本体(あるいは、守護神)がヤコブであるという意味になる。そういう話を本に書くのはタブーらしいが、書いてしまったものは仕方がない。書いた後で地道に裏付けを取ってゆくしかないのである。
 In “Chapter 3 Historical Attributes of Ajimarikan”, I wrote that Jacob wrestled with an angel (actually an alien) in the middle of the night. Jacob in the Old Testament era = Amenohiboko at the time of the founding of Japan = the current me, so the story gets confusing. Such a reincarnation story may be a fact in Saito, but it may be a big lie. And my Israeli experience of the Israeli wind blowing means that my spiritual main body (or guardian deity) is Jacob. It seems taboo to write such a story in a book, but there is no help for what I have written. After writing, there is no choice but to steadily support it.

 What I tried to talk about in “Jacob Edition” is a matter of Kami. As I always say, there is no substance in the Christian God that has supported Western civilization. However, there is definitely an entity in Kotoba (= the word) called Ajimarikan. In other words, Ajimarikan has spiritual confirmation. The substance is Kami that is not God, the three Kamis of creation and the Naohi (= direct spirit, the kami in human). Let’s just say that Western civilization will disappear (incineration because it is almost garbage) in the future.

 Ancient aliens have taken extra care of humankind on Earth, but no more care is needed. Go back to their own star. I want to say that they can go back to their own star because the earth’s matters  are done by earthlings. This is because the Western civilization disappears and only the Japanese civilization becomes. The Japanese civilization in this case mentally backs up to the Jomon period (= purifies), but the westernized elements in the Japanese civilization are totally cleaned. Of course, far from Japan disappearing, the whole earth will become Japan. The quality of Japanese civilization will also change decisively. First of all, the world remodeling starts from the place where all unnecessary things are thrown away and it becomes lighter. I can’t stop writing this story, so I’ll stop here.

 The future outlook depends on how many people have become kamis in Ajimarikan. It is Saito’s hope that since they have become Ajimarikan performers who recite the word “Ajimarikan”, they should become kamis. If you think you have become a kami with Ajimarikan, please let Saito know. Let’s talk about the future of the earth, the same kami and kami together. It is the “Ajimarikan ascetics who have become kamis” who actually perform the world remodeling. “Ajimarikan ascetics must think about the world, not just yourself”, the Japanese kamis appeal strongly. Japan and the world will not change even if we have a good friendship party with Ajimarikan as a material.

 In this case, the Ajimarikan ascetics become the vessels of the Great Kami. What to do if the Ajimarikan ascetics do not stand up. There is no one who can remodel the world other than the Ajimarikan ascetics. The world will never been improved if you leave it to others. I want you to understand that from the bottom of your stomach. That’s what it means to be doing Ajimarikan. You remodel the world.

 There is no doubt that such a near future will come. It will not be talked about unless a lot of kamis come out. That is why Ajimarikan exists. The kamis gather and share their wisdom to proceed with the plot. We must design the future earth that we should hope for. It’s an era of fun creation.
 Citing the apocalypse of the Bible, it is said that “Christ will come after destruction and create a millennial kingdom”. But it’s a ridiculous lie. “Destroying is impossible. Must abandon unnecessary things”.

 That’s what it is. All you have to do is sort out what you don’t need. The reason why only such ideas can be talked about in the world is that they do not know what the “Miroku no yo (= Maitreya world)” is like. That’s what it means for the final Kami to come out. Clean up what you don’t need first with the “Ajimarikan mind”. Programs such as “I have to go to Mars because the earth will be ruined” are being actively broadcast on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel, but that is also putting the cart before the horse. If we maintain the earth first, we will have enough containers to feed humankind now and in the future.

Of course, the US science TV channel (aired on SKY PerfecTV, etc.) is a few steps ahead of Japan, so I am entertained. However, the idea of ​​”Mars development” cannot be employed. The answer “what to do with the earth first” is not shown. There is no vision of how to remodel our planet. No one has taken fundamental measures, just focusing on the world’s regional conflicts and global warming issues. This is really the case.



Here are some tips:

   (A) First, clean the earth.
   (B) Think about what society should be like to build after cleaning the earth.

   You have to do it in order. However, think of these (A) and (B) at the same time. This work will be very interesting, saying, “Not that, not this. Let’s do this, let’s do that.”

 本論の背景をより深く理解するには、拙著『日本建国の秘密 ヒボコ編/ヤコブ編』、『アジマリカンの降臨』を参照されたい。これらの作品には、アジマリカンと日本の歴史との関係、アジマリカンと人類史の関係が語られている。人類史をスッキリと理解するには日本建国を理解するのが最も早道である。歴史や神の問題に興味のある方は是非挑戦していただきたい。
 That’s all I can talk about right now.
 For a deeper understanding of the background of this paper, please refer to my book, “The Secret of the Founding of Japan, Hiboko Edition/ Jacob Edition” and “The Advent of Ajimarikan”. These works talk about the relationship between Ajimarikan and Japanese history, and the relationship between Ajimarikan and human history. The fastest way to understand human history is to understand the founding of Japan. If you are interested in history and God’s problems, please try it..


本当の話:「一厘の仕組」は既に戦前に解かれていた!?/斎藤 敏一



 実はつい先日のことですが、もう一つビックリするような出来事がありました。仕事部屋の片付けを兼ねて屋根裏部屋でめぼしい本探しをしていた時のことです。『植芝盛平先生口述 武産合気(たけむすあいき)』という学生時代に購入した本を読み返す機会があったからです。その本は、昭和五十一年に白光真宏会青年合気道同好会から出版されたものですが、合気道開祖・植芝盛平翁の講話を口述筆記したもので、その内容の素晴らしさにビックリしたということなのです。翁は、こんなことを合気道同好会の青年たちに語っています。














・『植芝盛平先生口述 武産合気』白光真宏会青年合気道同好会、1976年