大神呪アジマリカンの正体:はじめに [Unmask Ajimarikan, the Great spell of Kami–Introduction]

 大神呪アジマリカンの正体 [Unmask Ajimarikan, the Great Kami’s Spell]

はじめに [Introduction]

 The main subject is intended to clarify the real identity with the Great Kami’s spell “Ajimarikan”.
 In connection with the spell called “Ajimarikan” handed down in one of the old shinto sect called Yamakage Shinto, about “Kami” which I (=Saito) experienced in person, this paper is written to introduce Kami’s entity and origin and the effects, about which I researched and have been able to know, things that I guessed.

福島県清戸迫横穴墓渦:縄文時代のシャーマンは神が渦巻くエネルギーであることを知っていた [Kiyotosaku Ouketsu Tomb Vortex: Fukushima Prefecture: Ancient Japanese shamans in Jomon period knew that God was the swirling energy.]

 The first thing I would like to tell is the definition of “God” used in this paper. Kami (“神” in kanji) is a Japanese word for “hidden body”, “suttle entity”, that is, an invisible sacred entity, which is basically different from the English “God”. Kami is an invisible swirl energy backed by the Japanese concept of “One Kami equals to many kamis, many kamis equal to one Kami”. If you experience this energy, you can understand Ajimarikan, and if you chant Ajimarikan, you can understand Kami.

 This is the most difficult part for those who only know how monotheistic God should be recognized. Since ancient times, the concept of monotheistic God “Hitori-gami (= Alone God)” have existed in Kojiki (= Record of old events) of Japan, but it is the way of Japanese god recognition that it includes polytheism (= eight million gods).

 This paper has some meaning of the fact which I experienced, but also clarify that invisible Kami could be able to be experienced with body sensation, by chanting or by reciting in mind the great Kami’s spell “Ajimarikan”.
 That is to say, the point of this paper is presenting the hypothesis “Kami existence would be proved by solving the secret of the word <Ajimarikan>”.

 For the above purpose, the summary of an experience and the activity of the me is talked about. This is because it is thought that it is necessary to clarify the meaning of the word “Ajimarikan”. I want you to think various information given by the main subject to be material to highlight the following characteristics of “the great Kami’s spell Ajimarikan”.

  ・It let us feel existence of “Kami” to be strong.
  ・It is demonstrated that it is strong spell = Kototama experientially.
  ・There is two-facedness of purification action and the creation action.
  ・Relations are close in a historical event, particularly Japan’s foundation.

漢字の神は渦巻きの象形である(大谷幸市『渦巻きは神であった』より) [Kami in Kanji (“神”) is a swirl pictogram (from Koichi Otani’s “Swirl was the God”) ]

 After several years of research, the great Kami spell “Ajimarikan” came to be considered as a word that had fallen on a person at a certain point in Japanese history. I published the historic work called “The secret of the founding of Japan” to clarify it, but I cannot completely yet elucidate the meaning of the word “Ajimarikan”. I scheme to come close to essence of “Ajimarikan” by the main subject from various areas that did not tried before. It is at will of Kami to what level I succeed to…….

 In addition, there are points criticizing the predecessors in some sentences, but this is because I wanted to speak a frank opinion about “the way of the Kami (= Shinto)” not criticism for criticism, and there is not any other intention. Please forgive bad writing.

用語 [Terms]

神 [Kami]:古代日本人(=縄文人)が認識していた渦巻く根源のエネルギーで、一神教のゴッドとは全く異なる実体。日本的な神認識においては、「一神即多神、多神即一神」という関係が成立しており、多神=八百万の神は一神より出たものと認識される。英語圏では神はゴッドだが、本論では神とは「隠り身」/「幽身」、すなわち、宇宙に遍満する波動的・エネルギー的な存在であるとしている。
 It is a swirling source of energy recognized by the ancient Japanese(= Jomon people), and Kami is a completely different entity from the monotheistic God. In Japanese Kami recognition, the relationship of “one Kami equals many kamis, many kamis equal one Kami” is established, and it is recognized that many kamis = eight million kamis originated from one Kami. In the English-speaking world, it is God, but in this paper, Kami is a “hidden body”/”suttle entity”, that is, a wave-like and energetic being that pervades the universe.

言霊 [Kototama]:通常は「ことだま」と読むが、本論では清音で「コトタマ」と表記する。アジマリカンという言葉には霊的な実体が伴っており、「アジマリカン」という音・響きはコトタマそのものである。実際に発音しなくても念じるだけで効果が発揮される。
 It is usually read as “Kotodama”, but in this paper it is written as “Kototama” in non-vocal consonant. The word Ajimarikan is accompanied by a spiritual entity, and the sound and tone of “Ajimarikan” is Kototama itself. Even if you don’t actually pronounce it, you can get the effect just by thinking about it.

一霊四魂 [One spirit and four souls]:幕末の神道家の本田親徳(ちかあつ)によって提唱された霊魂観で、神や人には荒魂、和魂、奇魂、幸魂という四つの魂(=四魂)があり、それらを一霊の直霊が統括しているという考え方。
 A view of souls advocated by the Shintoist Honda Chikaatsu at the end of the Edo period. The idea that the direct spirit of one spirit is in control.

とどめの神 [The final Kami]:大本開祖の出口ナオのお筆先『大本(おおもと)神(しん)諭(ゆ)』に登場する「艮の金神」の別名で、世界の建て替え・立て直しを行うと言われている。『大本神諭』には「とどめに艮の金神が現はれて…」と書かれている。斎藤説では、「とどめの神は大神呪アジマリカンとして顕現している」と語られる。
 It has been said to rebuild and restore the world with another name for “Ushitora(艮) no Konjin” that appears in Book “Omoto Shin-yu”, the automatic writing of Nao Deguchi, the founder of Omoto. In “Omoto Shin-yu”, it is written that “Ushitora no Konjin appears at the end of the world…”. According to Saito’s theory, “the final Kami is manifested as the great Kami`s Spell Ajimarikan”.

一厘の仕組 [The mechanism of One Bit]:大本神諭や日月神示で語られる神の計画のことで、特に最終段階のものを一厘の仕組と呼ぶ。未だに誰も一厘の仕組を解いた人物はいないとされるが、斎藤がアジマリカンを念じた時にとどめの神が降臨したので、一厘の仕組も解けてしまった。
 The plan of the gods spoken by Omoto Shin-yu and Hitsuki Shinji, especially the final stage is called the mechanism of One Bit. It is said that no one has solved the mechanism of One Bit yet, but since the final Kami descended when Saito prayed Ajimarikan, the mechanism of One Bit was also solved.

天皇行法 [Emperor’s ascetics]:天皇が実践すべき霊的な修行として、自霊拝とアジマリカンが存在することが、山蔭神道に伝わっている。これらの修行を総称して天皇行、天皇行法と呼ぶ。実際に皇太子や天皇が天皇行法を実践しているかどうかは未確認だが、佐藤定吉博士の著作『日本とはどんな国』によれば十分に想定可能である。
 The existence of Jirei-hai and Ajimarikan as spiritual ascetics that the Emperor should practice is transmitted to Yamakage Shinto. These practices are collectively called the Emperor’s ascetics and the Emperor’s ascetics. It is unconfirmed whether the Crown Prince and the Emperor are actually practicing the Emperor’s ascetics, but it can be fully assumed according to Dr. Teikichi Sato’s book “What kind of country is Japan?”

日本とはどんな国 [What kind of country is Japan?]:佐藤定吉による同名著作のタイトル。氏の著作によって斎藤はアジマリカン行者となった。同著内では、アジマリカンによる神の顕現、日本列島が神の国であるという体験などが語られており、斎藤も佐藤博士が語る体験と同様の体験を経てきている。
 The title of the work of the same name by Teikichi Sato. Saito became an Ajimarikan ascetic by his writing. In this book, the manifestation of Kami by Ajimarikan and the experience that the Japanese archipelago is the kingdom of Kami are talked about, and Saito has undergone the same experience as Dr. Sato talked about.

アジマリカンの降臨 [The Advent of Ajimarikan]:斎藤の同名著作のタイトルとなっているが、このタイトルは「アジマリカンを唱えると実際に神が降臨する」という事実に基づいている。アジマリカンで降臨する神とは、古事記の冒頭に登場する造化三神(天之御中主神、高御産巣日神、神産巣日神)である。
 The title of Saito’s work of the same name, but this title is based on the fact that “Kami actually descends when we chant Ajimarikan”.  Kami that descends in Ajimarikan is the three Kamis of creation that appear at the beginning of the Kojiki (Ame no Minakanushi no Kami, Takamimusubi no Kami, Kamimusubi no Kami).

アジマリカン行者 [Ajimarikan ascetic]:大神呪アジマリカンを唱えたり念じたりすることを専らとするアジマリカンの実践者をこのように呼ぶ。
 Ajimarikan practitioner who specializes in chanting and praying the Great Kami’s Spell Ajimarikan, is called.

目次 [Contents]

大神呪アジマリカンの正体 [Unmask Ajimarikan, the Great Kami’s Spell]
はじめに [Introduction]
用語 [Terms]
目次 [Contents]
第一章 私のアジマリカン体験 [Chapter 1  My Ajimarikan experiences]
◆「アジマリカン」と出会った頃の私的事情 [My private condition of encountering “Ajimarikan”]
◆神=「アジマリカン」で私に飛び込んできたモノ [Kami = the entity jumped in me with “Ajimarikan”]
◆私の「アジマリカン」体験の様相 [The aspect of my “Ajimarikan” experience]
◆「アジマリカン」は活き物? 探求の旅へ…… [Is “Ajimarikan” a living thing? To the quest journey…]
第二章 アジマリカンのコトタマ的属性 [Chapter 2  Kototama properties of Ajimarikan]
◆アジマリカン=そのものズバリの神 [Ajimarikan = the decisive Kami]
◆アジマリカン=とどめの神のコトタマ [Ajimarikan = The kototama of the Final Kami]
◆アジマリカン=天皇行法を構成する行法 [Ajimarikan = the ascetic practice that constitutes the Emperor’s ascetic trainings]
◆アジマリカン≠トホカミエミタメ [Ajimarikan ≠ Tohokamiemitame]
◆アジマリカン=「結び」の働き [Ajimarikan = The Function of “connection” (”musubi” in Japanese)]
◆アジマリカンとは造化三神の音声的顕現 [Ajimarikan is the phonetic manifestation of the three Kamis(=gods) of creation]
◆アジマリカン奉唱時のエネルギー場とは [What is the energy field when chanting Ajimarikan?]
◆アジマリカン発祥とイスラエルの関係 [Relationship between the origin of Ajimarikan and Israel]
第三章 アジマリカンの歴史的属性 [Historical properties of Ajimarikan]
◆「アジマリカン」の最大の秘密=イスラエルとは [The biggest secret of “Ajimarikan” = What is Israel? ]
【外なるイスラエルと内なるイスラエル [Outer Israel and Inner Israel]】
◆アジマリカンが天降った人・時・所 [The person, time, and place where Ajimarikan descended from heaven]
◆イスラエルではなく日本こそが中心 [Japan is the center, not Israel ]
土公(どこう) [Doko]
◆世界史上の日本建国の意味 [Meaning of the founding of Japan in world history]
第四章 個のアジマリカンと公のアジマリカン [Individual Ajimarikan and public Ajimarikan]
◆システムエンジニアが捉える神とは [What is Kami as a system engineer? ]
◆個人の「アジマリカン」が爆発的にヒットしたこと [The explosive hit of the individual “Ajimarikan”]
◆本当は「公のアジマリカン」を伝えたかった [I really wanted to convey “public Ajimarikan”]
◆「公のアジマリカン」を普及するための最善の方法とは [What is the best way to popularize “public Ajimarikan”? ]
最終章 結論ーアジマリカンは聞こえる神 [Final Chapter Conclusion – Ajimarikan is Kami that can be heard]
◆アジマリカンの正体とは [What is the true identity of Ajimarikan?]
◆未解決項目←要検討 [Unresolved items <- to be discussed]
①アジマリカン=コトタマ=直霊=内なる神 [(1) Ajimarikan = Kototama = Naohi = Inner kami]
②超能力や超人的修行は本当に必要か [(2) Is supernatural power or superhuman training really necessary? ]
③渦の御宝「アジマリカン」は大神の最終兵器か [(3) Is the vortex treasure “Ajimarikan” the ultimate weapon of the Great Kami? ]